Explore the antique shops in Chappaqua and Mount Kisco to hunt for beautiful finds and along the way treat yourself to local delights. A day of vintage fun and simple indulgence awaits you in northern Westchester.

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Antiquing in Chappaqua
After brunch the day begins with touring the antique shops of Chappaqua. Discover furniture, china, pottery, glass, and more in these friendly collector haunts.

Crown House Antiques
297 King Street | Chappaqua, NY | T: (914) 238-3949

Red Carpet Antiques
201 King Street | Chappaqua, NY | T: (914) 238-4918

Rose Court Asian Antiques
70 Cowdin Lane | Chappaqua, NY | T: (914) 244-1041

Kent Home
77 S Greely Ave | Chappaqua, NY | T: (914) 861-2690

Antiquing in Mount Kisco
Visit Mount Kisco’s abundance of antique shops to continue the quest for that perfect piece of silver, jewelry, lighting, and rugs. It’s an antiquer’s paradise!

Blithewold Home
495 Lexington Ave | Mount Kisco, NY | (914) 666-7533

Drucker Antiques
487 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY | T: (914) 923-4560

Apple Antiques
342 Lexington Ave | Mount Kisco, NY | T: (914) 242-5365

The Restoration Shop
495 Lexington Ave | Mount Kisco, NY | T: (914) 241-3050

Crabtree Kittle House Inn
The Kittle House Inn, while offering modern amenities, still captures an old-world air that one would expect from 18th-century construction. Whether staying the weekend or retiring upstairs after dinner for two, you are welcome to enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.

11 Kittle Road | Chappaqua, NY 10514 | T: (914) 666 - 8044
Holiday Inn Mt. Kisco
After a long day of hunting for fabulous finds, kick off your shoes at Mt. Kisco’s Holiday Inn hotel. The friendly front desk staff will make you feel right at home as you unwind from your day of exploration.

1 Holiday Inn Dr. | Mt. Kisco, NY | T: (914) 241-2600
Le Jardin du Roi
Opt for brunch in this cozy French Bistro in Chappaqua to set the tone for a day of antiquing. Enjoy a relaxed meal of classic breakfast dishes with a side of Gallic charm.

95 King Street | Chappaqua, NY | T: (914) 238-1368
Little Crepe Street
Once you’ve built up an appetite in Chappaqua head on over to Mount Kisco. Little Crepe Street is the perfect stop for a treat to keep you going, whether you’re in the mood for savory or sweet.

29 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY | (914) 242 0200
The Rose Room
This one’s an easy find: an elegant, delicious dinner at The Rose Room. Savor comforting dishes given a contemporary veneer at this stylish restaurant. Cap off your day of antiquing with a refreshing cocktail at the bar.

222 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY | T: (914) 218-3876
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